Terms and Conditions of Bin Hire with TWO BAYS BIN HIRE

When engaging bin hire with TWO BAYS BIN HIRE, the customer hereby agrees to the following:

The customer shall NOT place the following items into the bin;

-    Prescribed waste (Prescribed Industrial Wastes (PIW) are specific chemical, hazardous or dangerous                      wastes that according to the law must be handled and disposed of in specific ways. Prescribed Industrial              Wastes are commonly generated in automotive businesses and include: Liquid wastes, including solvent and        coolant.
-    Chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.
-    Medical waste
-    Oil / Petrol / Paint
-    Contaminated soil
-    Lithium batteries
-    Fire extinguishers
-    Gas bottles, cartridges or cylinders
-    Contaminated or EPA prescribed hazardous waste
-    Tree stumps (greater than 40cm in diameter)




  • No Asbestos or Fibro cement sheet at all. If discovered in the bin, the customer will be contacted immediately. Safe expert disposal costs apply.    

  • The bin is only to be filled level to the top of the bin. Overloaded bins cannot be transported. $150 overloading penalty applies to overloaded bins.

  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the bin is adequately covered and protected from wind dislodging/ blowing loose items out of the bin. This also applies to unattended bins.

  • The bin is NOT to be moved once placed on site. If you wish to move the bin, you must first request permission from management.

  • The supplier’s bins remain the property of TWO BAYS BIN HIRE at all times.

  • The hirer shall keep the bin(s) in good order and condition whilst in the hirer’s possession.

  • No responsibility will be taken for above ground or subsurface damage including driveways or paths.

  • TWO BAYS BIN HIRE have the right to the entire site at any time to deliver and remove bins.

  • The hirer will be liable for any damage to skip bins which occurs whilst in their possession, subject to fair wear and tear.

  • Payment shall be made on delivery of the bin.

  • Car tyre’s attract an additional fee of $20 per tyre. Notify management before placing in the bin.

  • Mattress’s and bed bases attract an additional fee of $30 per piece.

The owner of TWO BAYS BIN HIRE will not accept responsibility for any injury to others or damage to property arising out of the use of this service.

By agreeing to hire a bin, it is acknowledged that you enter into, accept and agree to all of the abovementioned terms and conditions.

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